A brand name for the protestors?

Why haven’t the Occupy Wall Street Protestors come up with a simple catchy brand name for themselves?

The media, unsure how to describe them, is stealing from the vocabulary of the last century with dark talk of Anarchists and Marxists.  As there are no fleeing princesses or assassinated archdukes, these descriptions sit oddly with the 26 year old quoted  in yesterday’s WSJ, working three jobs to make ends meet.

The protestors’ greatest advantage is to be unaligned with an ideology. “Fed up and frustrated” is what they are, and it just might be the simplest message to brand globally.

The PR Verdict:  C minus.   Presenting yourselves as unaligned politically is the best way to keep the show on the road.  Don’t let people call you something you are broadly not.  Keep the net wide.

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