Guest Column: Boehner’s Bait and Switch

BOHENER 150x150 Guest Column: Boehners Bait and Switch

PR Verdict: “C” (Distinctly OK) for Speaker Boehner.

Republican House Speaker John Boehner wasted no time before the presidential election result was called, declaring, “With this vote, the American people have also made clear that there is no mandate for raising tax rates.” With polls still open in Alaska and Hawaii, the Republican leadership was drawing a line in the sand. No matter the outcome, some ideas were not going to be up for debate.

But election night was still young when Boehner made his statement. By Wednesday morning, he’d nuanced his position by stating Republicans were willing to accept new revenue, without  mentioning any further details. Perhaps he realized that following President Obama’s re-election, “no taxes” wasn’t going to fly.

A standard tactic in negotiations and PR brinkmanship is to set boundaries early on. These pre-emptive shots across the bow manage the other side’s expectations before the negotiations commence. Taking firm positions far in advance of a negotiation can be effective, but this type of bargaining tactic tends not to win friends and can create PR nightmares down the line. No one wants to have to publicly backtrack.

The PR Verdict: “C” (Distinctly OK) for Speaker Boehner, who has now given himself some negotiating room. He might have been better off saying nothing on the big night.

The PR Takeaway: Careful when and where you draw your definitive line. Muhammad Ali gained PR notoriety for taunting and “trash-talking” his competitors before a boxing match. Competitive athletes now commonly use this tactic. It’s about getting the other side to doubt their strength, question their position, and to negotiate against themselves. This is no different than using bluffs, and was most likely Boehner’s tactic with Obama. There are PR advantages if you can remain firm, but if you can’t maintain your position, silence is always golden.

neilpatton2 150x150 Guest Column: Boehners Bait and SwitchGuest columnist Neil Patton is the President of Pre-think Strategic Negotiations, Inc. Pre-think is a consultancy focused on helping organizations and individuals improve their negotiation capabilities and outcomes. A professional labor negotiator for more than 19 years, his clients have included the Canadian Army , healthcare providers, and mining companies. 

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Mr-Seen-It-All-Almost says:

    Fromm the PR point of view, most Republicans are throwing in words about Obama that acknowledge his victory, but they also set him up to fail, by asking (insincerely?) for leadership at the same time saying no “increase in tax rates will be considered,” He covers all the bases–the news media obediently reports, pretty much, just the seemingly concessionary language (Boehner’s big intentional PR score) but his words say just a smidgen that is different. ) I heard another GOP congressmen say, in a remarkable display of verbal gymnastics that, in effect, “we will cooperate and compromise, although of course, the entitlements programs must be cut way back, and will discuss continuing middle class tax cuts when they, naturally, include those for the uppermost incomes as well.”
    Sop they really say almost nothing very new, cover their bases and get a way out when it all fails . (“He didn’t lead when asked, and failed to cut only entitlements like we said.”)
    Very effective public relations on the whole, I say (even if quite weasely on factual close inspection).

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