Candid Condi? Is that all there is?

Condoleezza Rice’s memoir “No Higher Honor” was reviewed in the weekend press and what’s surprising about her tell- all 731 pager is how little heat it is generating.

While she made the cover of Newsweek, the review reads as if it is in search for a story, with the NYTimes dismissively placing it on page 22. The memoir gives too little away and doesn’t break enough new ground, even though Gaddafi’s obsession with “the Black Flower in the White House” makes good reading.

Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney have published their versions. This memoir needed more to move the dial.

The PR Verdict:  C Plus  for Condoleezza. A thorough 730 page document – but we need more personal insight and color. You are, after all,  late to the party.

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Paul Marrone Paul Marrone says:

    Yes, the lady who went shoppiing for shoes in Manhattan in the days after 9/11. Grade: F

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