Gucci’s Black Widow and the Perfect Soundbite

patriziagucci1 Guccis Black Widow and the Perfect Soundbite
Gucci’s black widow, Patrizia Gucci, is serving 26 years for the hit-man murder of her husband.  She is also the perfect sound bite maven.

Italian media was shocked at her recent rejection of parole.  “No thanks” she politely declined, “it would mean getting a job and I have never worked a day in my life.”

She ordered her husband’s killing following his paltry offer for a divorce settlement, which she likened to “a plate of lentils”.   Sharing her wisdom she confesses, “I’d rather cry in a Rolls than be happy on a bicycle.”

PR should be her next career.

The PR Verdict: “A Minus” for Patrizia.

Sound bites work when their brevity is so perfect that editing ruins them. Patrizia with a few choice words has made herself into the Italian version of Leona – “only little people pay taxes” – Helmsley.

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  1. Shefali Malhoutra says:

    Fabulously entertaining post. Thank you to the PR Verdict for making PR such a fun subject. I am learning!

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