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The PR Item: Justin Bieber’s interview with GQ Magazine.

The PR Strategy: On paper, this makes complete sense. While the 18-year-old singer continues to enjoy extraordinary popularity in his target demographic of teenage girls, his PR minders and manager must be wondering if they should explore further afield—like with young(ish), fashion conscious men.

The PR Result: The piece did nothing more than reinforce Bieber’s image as a kid taken by surprise (still?) by his own success. Gaffes included the interview needing to be rescheduled several times so the mega-star could squeeze in dinner with his mother.

The PR Verdict: F (Full Fiasco) for a failed strategy. It will take more than an interview with a grown-up magazine to take the teen idol out of Bieber—if that is, in fact, the best thing to do with him at this point.

The PR Takeaway: Bieber is no Justin Timberlake yet, and this was a prime example of right client, wrong media outlet. Give a reporter something to write about or the default will be cleverness over content; faced with bland, humble quotes, the writer was forced to go for humor, describing Bieber as resembling Luke Skywalker, “if he had his own perfume line.” And while we admire a manchild who still wants to have dinner with his mother, a good PR rep would have bribed and threatened to keep that out of the earshot of a GQ reporter.