Harper’s Bazaar and Billionaire Boats

aleksms2104 468x311 Harpers Bazaar and Billionaire BoatsHarper’s Bazaar has gushingly featured Aleksandra Melnichenko, the pretty spouse of a Belarus billionaire in its latest issue.

The “statuesque beauty” takes us on a tour of her  $300 million yacht.  Bazaar raved about the chic Philippe Starck interiors but was seemingly untroubled by the bomb-proof glass in the master-suite.

Welcome to press coverage guaranteed to inflame investors, activate regulators and irritate every stakeholder.

Conrad Black’s fall from grace was precipitated by a similar article in Vogue about his wife’s extravagance. The lesson was clear. When allegiances switch, coverage like this in the archives can be a ticking time-bomb.

The PR Verdict: “C minus” for Aleksandra and her “fairy-tale life” as described by Bazaar.  While it is a lovely yacht, maybe the photos are safer on your private Facebook Page.

The article is in the print edition only of Harper’s Bazaar. Below, a picture of the yacht:yacht02 Harpers Bazaar and Billionaire Boats

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Mike Marder says:

    Very nicely built! (the yacht!)

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