Herman Cain, Sexual Harassment and Mrs Cain

hermancain Herman Cain, Sexual Harassment  and Mrs CainRepublican candidate Herman Cain is battling recently unearthed accusations of sexual harassment by two female employees when he led the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s.

Website Politico claims a five-figure sum was paid to each complainant, which Cain claims he is unaware of.  The story is in its damaging second day.

The PR priority now? Shorten the story’s life cycle. Better to confirm payments were made at the discretion of the organization, not Cain, to settle the matter.  Reiterate no evidence was found of wrongdoing and have his wife give a couple of interviews to friendly journalists asap.

The PR Verdict: “B Minus” for the campaign’s handling so far.  This might have had a shorter news cycle. Get it out of the way faster and change the topic asap.  Where are you Mrs Cain?

(And Herman, can we talk about the hat and the singing?)

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Mike Marder says:

    Five figures on only two women? I’d pay to see that!

  2. I say blame President Obama cause g-d knows old Herman is not going to take the wrap for his mischievous ways. If all is proven true, then Cain might as well get out of the race right now because he wont be winning the republican nomination let alone the national elections. The man cant keep his mouth closed. His attempts to sell himself with a book tour has made him a joke and nothing more. But this could be good for the democrats because that would mean the nomination battle would be between Rick Perry, who has clearly proven himself completely incapable…and Romney, who has already declared his allegiance to burying our country in more debt. Believe me I don’t mind my president having some women on the side but there is a time for everything.

  3. Paul Marrone Paul Marrone says:

    Here is an engaging dialogue between David Brooks and Gail Collins – NYT – on Mr. Cain:


  4. well Mr. Herman Cain the sexual beast, your wife must be an old fool! Any woman that sits around knowing that her husband chases other women around and says nothing about it to him or packs her bags and walked out the house is a fool. Maybe he’d bring some home and you sit there and watch while he has his way with prostitutes.

  5. That’s why they think that it’s just a show to increase his exposure.

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