Hugh Grant: Phone Hackers and the Mail on Sunday

hughgrant Hugh Grant: Phone Hackers and the Mail on SundayActor Hugh Grant testified in London yesterday at the Leveson inquiry into phone hacking.  He grabbed the headlines with his accusation that the UK tabloid, the Mail on Sunday, had hacked into his phone. For once a Murdoch paper wasn’t under the spotlight.

The Mail on Sunday’s thundering and outraged response provided the day’s light relief. The paper said it “utterly refutes” the suggestion and Grant’s  “allegations are mendacious smears driven by his hatred of the media.”

Why so much bombast when humble pie may need to be eaten at a later date? This was a knee jerk response that might look very stupid (not to say insincere) as the hearing wears on.

The PR Verdict: “F”: An outright fail for the Mail on Sunday.

Maybe there are practices going on at the Mail on Sunday that management isn’t aware of? Just ask James Murdoch and his completely unaware editor-in-chief, buddy Rebekah Brooks at the defunct News of the World. Far easier to have said the allegation was “concerning” and management would be making “internal inquiries”. The key priority is to buy time and not paint yourself into a corner. Dumb move.

To read more click here and for video testimony click here.

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Shefali Malhoutra says:

    What folly.

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