Keep Your Friends Close

Julian Assange, founder of crusading WikiLeaks is in the press, furious over publication of his “unauthorized autobiography”. What’s remarkable about the coverage is the media’s ambivalent relationship with the free speech hero. What should be his default supporter base is obviously uncomfortable with him. Described as a ‘victim messiah’ by one publication, there is more than a hint of schadenfreude creeping into the coverage. If ever there was a need to nurture your natural support base this is it. He needs to win back his friends in the media. Recent coverage should be sending alarming signs to his minders.

The PR Verdict: C  – Needs to be nicer to his friends

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Jason Arbuckle says:

    it’s interesting how uncomfortable he is when his own story gets coverage, but for everything else it’s open sesame.

  2. christine walton christine walton says:

    Good points, Mark! Also I think he should have played it much cooler than he did. He’s “furious” at someone doing the exact same thing he did to others? What comes around goes around. Taking umbrage only puts him at risk of becoming a laughingstock, even by (especially by?) his peers in the press.

  3. Kevin Austin says:

    I certainly agree with the above comments. It’s ironical, isn’t it, that a person who is involved in revealing others’ secrets should be so affronted at the same thing happening to him, even though the autobiography is unauthorized? Incidentally, can an autobiography be an unauthorized one? Isn’t it technically a biography then? Correct me if I’m mistaken.
    Mr Assange comes across as arrogant, which colours his messages and cause and not to his advantage.
    I live in Stockholm and await his appearance in court here on another matter.

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