Mariah Carey: Jenny Craig and Wordless Weight Loss

mariahcarey4 Mariah Carey: Jenny Craig and Wordless Weight LossMariah Carey has become the new brand ambassador for weight loss company Jenny Craig which is now known, following a rebrand, simply as Jenny. Jenny hired Mariah, following her successful post-pregnancy slim down.

What is striking about the launch advertisement is that despite being entirely devoid of actual content, it quickly went viral. Running counter to the information obsession about weight loss and nutrition, the advertisement offers no advice or explanations, only Mariah cooing, “You can make it.”

The launch was backed up with a heavy PR program with Mariah blitzing multiple print and broadcast interviews. The content was a little deeper with talking points about the risks of obesity and how Mariah loves her new body. But the message remained unchanged. You can make it.

Who knew weight loss could be so easy?

The PR Verdict:  “B plus” for Mariah and Jenny.

This was an impressive Advertising/PR launch. By focusing primarily on an emotional connection for consumers as the entry point, it takes a high-energy approach to a persistent problem. Best to focus on visual images and not the nagging concern that Mariah never seemed to have a serious weight problem anyway. Details only discourage. You can make it.

To see the promotional advertisement with wordless weight loss click here.

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