Mommie And Me

Levi Johnson, ex “son-in-law” of Sarah Palin, is doing the rounds of interviews to promote his latest book and continues to be a thorn in Palin’s unofficial campaigning. Following yesterday’s performance on CNN it’s hard to see why. Inarticulate and self consciously presenting as Farmer Joe he mumbled darkly that the Palins had tried to destroy him, confusing what seems like simple mother-in-law dislike with greater unspecified evils. His PR task is to elevate the tale of a simple suburban relationship gone wrong into something revealing. Palin may face PR challenges but Levi isn’t one of them.

The PR Verdict: C Minus. But what else can you tell us?

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Hasn’t already “revealed all” in more ways that one?

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