Newt Gingrich & The Summer Walkout

 Newt Gingrich & The Summer WalkoutNewt Gingrich’s rally has startled everyone. From the man whose campaign was in disarray following en masse staff resignations over the summer, his comeback has been the year-end surprise. Who would have thought?

Despite this, serious questions persist over the summer walkout by key staff. At the time, the perception was they were frustrated by his autocratic ways and erratic style.

His former spokesman, Rick Tyler, hit the airwaves this week apologizing for his ‘hasty’ decision to resign. When asked what went wrong, Tyler gives a non-answer saying Gingrich’s biggest mistake was to hire senior advisers. Newt, he assures us, knows best and the external advisers were taking the campaign off course.

The PR Verdict: “C Minus” for Newt’s former spokesman. This explanation doesn’t help Newt and doesn’t explain the acrimony surrounding the resignations.

For Newt Gingrich to redress the widely held perception that he is too autocratic, his former spokesman needs to find a different reason for the summer walkout. Claiming now that it was the fault of outside consultants only reinforces the widely held view that Newt’s is a one-man show. More creative thinking is needed to prevent the walkout being a thorn in his side should Newt win the nomination.

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Newt Gingrich is a chameleon, but not a very good one – folks tend to remember how he coloured himself the last time, and the illusion of change doesn’t work. Nor, as it turns out, does it work for the former mouthpiece.

    Were I an American Democrat, which I’m not, I’d be delighted to see Gingrich leading the race for the Republican nomination. Were I a Republican, which I’m not (although my great-grandfather voted for Abraham Lincoln), I’d hang my head.

  2. I think not explaining the staff resignations is a red flag. I would never vote for him.

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