Occupy Wall Street: Town & Country and the National Zeitgeist

townand coutnry Occupy Wall Street: Town & Country and the National ZeitgeistThe beef with Occupy Wall Street to date has been the ongoing concern that the movement is unfocused and unclear. Yet something is shifting.

The NY Times reports that, on college campuses, banking is losing its allure in the recruitment rounds.  A US court refuses to ratify a $285 million, SEC-agreed mortgage bond settlement with Citigroup, citing issues of public accountability.   And now Town and Country, the venerable glossy magazine dedicated to luxury (left) has a feature this month, exploring the contention that “behind every great fortune there is a crime.”

When T&C cite Lloyd Blankfein, of traditionally revered Goldman Sachs, as one of the “great villains” for helping to “plunge millions into misery” then it’s one more sign that a significant shift in the zeitgeist has begun.

The PR Verdict:  “A” for Occupy Wall Street and its growing PR impact in changing the national conversation.

OWS just might like to start claiming credit for having moved previously marginal conversations into the broader mainstream.  The practical details concerning reform and change can be left to others but the bigger PR challenge of creating a climate where change is possible just might be OWS’s biggest success.

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Excellent post today. The most important aspect of OWS is the ability to change the national conversation through action. When glossy magazines chime in, it’s clear that OWS — no matter how unclear their manifesto may seem — is actually shifting the greater public consciousness.

  2. Stuart Kaufman says:

    Nailed it!

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