Ralph Lauren’s Olympic Disaster

 Ralph Laurens Olympic Disaster

The PR Verdict: “A” (Gold Star!) for Ralph Lauren

Oh no! The blue blazers and white trousers of the US Olympic team aren’t made in the USA? The clothing that athletes from Team USA will wear was actually made in China? Outrageous! Ralph Lauren, who has proudly supplied the US Olympic team with its uniforms over the years, suddenly found itself in the ugly crossfire of the outsourcing debate.

The fracas started when both Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi got wind that the uniforms were made in China. What a great media opportunity! The clothes have been Chinese-made since 2008, but oddly enough no one seemed to mind then, when outsourcing wasn’t such a hot political issue. This time around, everyone wanted to get on board. And when Donald Trump becomes the latest to start publicly opining, it’s definitely time to take remedial action.

Ralph Lauren issued a statement late on Friday night, presumably to kill weekend drumbeating, saying that the clothes will be made on US soil next  time:  “We have committed to producing the opening and closing ceremony Team USA uniforms in the United States that will be worn for the 2014 Olympic Games.”

The PR Verdict: “A” (Gold Star!) for Ralph Lauren for recognizing this was an issue with no winnable defense. Take corrective action, quickly, and move on.

The PR Takeaway: Issue your response and then elevate the topic to wider macro concerns. There is no upside in advocating outsourcing, particularly when it involves national symbols. No matter that other US fashion houses of similar standing would have done the same. Next step, make it clear that this is a wider issue. The firm said it will take the lead in the  “conversation” within the industry and government  about “manufacturing in the United States.” See? This issue wasn’t about Ralph Lauren… it was about the state of US manufacturing! Nothing personal.

What’s your opinion of the US Olympic team uniform debate? Give us your PR Verdict!

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Susan Keast says:

    There is no Olympics in 2014… they are held every 4 years so the next ones will be in 2016!

  2. I totally disagree – whatever happened to strategic thinking BEFORE a major cockup? Anyone could have foreseen this happening, it was a PR disaster in waiting. Oh, we got the national contract to produce national costumes, but we’ll have it all manufacturered in China. Good thinking!!! His PR team needs a good thumping. Where is the national pride in an American bred billionaire? Shame on them, and shame that they didn’t immediately activate all of 7th Avenue to produce the rags in enough time to put American made products on that international runway. Bad thinking, bad execution, poor excuse.

  3. charlene says:

    why are the us athletes wearing berets-
    they should have baseball hats
    we’re not french
    no one but artists where berets in America
    Go USA
    Win the gold

  4. jon jacobs says:

    why the uproar????? everything else we eat and wear is made in china damn walmart is made in China.. Americans get over it

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