Popular PR Verdicts of 2012 – A Must Read for Any PR Professional or News Junkie

As news junkies ourselves we are consistently looking for the next top story to feature on The PR Verdict. As we move on to the next top story, publish on Twitter, Facebook etc.,  it’s easy to forget the amazing stories published throughout the year. So before getting too far along into 2013, let’s take a moment to remember the most popular stories of 2012 on The PR Verdict.

1. Putting The Church Into Scientology

2. Why Else Would You Work on Wallstreet?

3. Ikea Magic: Now You See Her, Now You Don’t

4. Harper’s Bazaar and Billionaire Boats

5. Peta’s Naked Agenda

6. Guest Column: Foul Ball for Toronto Blue Jays

7. Getting Naked With John Travolta

8. Kim Kardashian Shakes Up Bahrain


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