Rick Perry and his Catskill Comedy Routine

rickperry Rick Perry and his Catskill Comedy RoutineRick Perry appeared on ‘Letterman’ last night reading out a mildly amusing “Top 10 List” of excuses. The list poked fun at his now famous blank during the latest debate when he couldn’t remember that it was the Dept. of Energy that he wants to shutter.

His appearance was to offset the media chatter that is writing off his campaign following his memory flub.

Appearing on Letterman like a Catskill’s comedian is risky. Sitting down with a morning tv program and joking about the same, while making a serious point or two, might have been better. Keep it Presidential.

The PR Verdict: “C Minus” for Rick.

Politicians don’t need to be funny just likeable. Make fun of yourself to minimise the damage but avoid  putting yourself in the position where  the audience needs to find you funny. You might have just reinforced the ongoing concern that you are not a serious heavyweight.

For  the “Top 10 List” click here and for the original memory flub and media chatter click here.

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Oh dear! There was not a lot of presidential dignity on display in that clip.

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