Should John Edwards’s Mistress Tell All?

 Should John Edwardss Mistress Tell All?

The PR Verdict: “D” for Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’s mistress.

Rielle Hunter, former mistress of Senator John Edwards and mother of his love child, is ready for her moment in the sun. Having previously been moved to and from various safe houses to avoid media scrutiny, as though she was in a witness protection program, Hunter is now poised for interviews. The Justice Department has confirmed it will not retry the case of campaign finance fraud against her former beau, and Hunter’s publicist says she will now end her “silence.”

Hunter is no stranger to the media. A filmmaker herself, she bared all in an interview with GQ in 2010. Describing her affair with Edwards as  a “magnetic force field,” she told readers, “I know he loves me… I have never had any doubt at all about that.”

Hunter is setting the record straight with interviews on ABC’s  “20/20,” and a host of other media appearances. What’s new? Her tell-all book, What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me. Hunter’s PR said, “Ms. Hunter is looking forward to speaking the truth, and we believe [interviewer] Chris Cuomo will allow her story to be told with candor and respect.”

The PR Verdict: “D” (It’s a Dud) for Rielle Hunter and her forlorn stab at publicity. Hasn’t her moment passed?

PR Takeaway:  Choosing the right moment is just as important as realizing when that moment has passed. Despite her claim that she remains devoted to Edwards, Hunter risks pulling jurors’ reactions out of the woodwork and reigniting lurid details from the trial (and talk of Edward’s deceased wife Elizabeth) that Team Edwards is presumably keen to put behind it. Making the transition from “the other woman”  to something more neutral is where Hunter’s PR salvation lies. Our suggestion: Follow the Camilla Parker-Bowles PR template on how to rehabilitate an image.

What’s your PR Verdict–should Rielle Hunter capitalize on her claim to fame or move on? Tell us in Speak Your Mind, below.

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Catherine Saxton says:

    Her claim to FAME? Don’t you mean notoriety? Why does a mistress get any right to “fame,” has it been so devalued in our shallow world. What is the difference between a prostitute who knowingly sells her body for cash, and a woman like this who is kept and paid for and carries a child? Old English definition of a Mistress – Half way between a Mister and a Mattress!!! Nothing changes, just the way she gets paid. And whereas years ago people felt shame, now they find fame. What a messed up world we live in. Thank God for the courage, honesty and integrity of our Military.

  2. Paul Marrone says:

    Unfortunately there is a market for these “tell alls”. As long as we have culture that thrives on Dancing With The Stars, The Voice, etc. we should not apply the same logic that one might apply to a business siutation and, for example, what would Lloyd Blankfein do. (Is the fly on her jeans slightly open?)

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  1. says:

    Should John Edwards’s Mistress Tell All?…

    The PR Verdict: “D” (It’s a Dud) for Rielle Hunter and her forlorn stab at publicity. Hasn’t her moment passed?…

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