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What is The PR Verdict?

We are a unique PR news site grading how the news was spun by our peer group of PR professionals.

We rank how we think the news was handled from a PR perspective.  It’s as simple as that.

Each day we give a simple grading and we encourage you to give a grading of your own!

The rankings don’t reflect a view on the merits or morality of an issue. We simply judge whether the PR strategy was successful.

Were there better choices available?

Do you agree with our ranking?

Go on, tell us your PR verdict and have your say.

We also welcome and feature guest contributors to share their advice on a PR problem of the day. Just fill out guest contact form to submit your request!


The PR Verdict is superb. I am hooked.

Craig Smith


Who Should Sign Up for The PR Verdict?

The PR Verdict is for anyone who is interested in the news and how it is shaped. Our audience ranges from PR professionals, journalists, executives, attorneys, students and news junkies. In short: anyone who is concerned with the daily news flow and the art of managing a reputation.

Is There A Fee For Joining The PR Verdict?

No! The PR Verdict is completely free and delivered daily to your inbox.


*love* your blog. Added it to my reader. Unique & very compelling focus! And agree w/ you on Katie H’s savvy PR plays.

Sara Skerik, PR Newswire

Who’s Behind The PR Verdict?

arena mark Mark Arena, The PR Verdict’s founder, is a former Managing Director and Head of Communications (Americas) for one of the world’s largest banks; he was based in New York for 9 years.  Prior to his US assignment,  he was  based in London as  Global Head of Corporate Communications for the firm’s Investment Banking business.

Mark has a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Law and an MBA.  He provides PR advisory and coaching services and  leads seminars and speaks at conferences on reputation management and public relations.


I encourage everyone to check out The PR Verdict! -great content about current PR media spin! Good read!

Todd Stone, Palm Beach 411


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