Spin at the Emmys

Fox confirmed yesterday that it had spiked a planned joke during the Emmys.  The joke was regarding parent company New Corporation’s alleged involvement in the ongoing phone hacking scandal. We imagine the issue has tested the patience of Fox’s corporate PR team who presumably did not want the issue to resurface with millions of families on a Sunday night. Fox PR said the reference was removed because the company is taking the allegations seriously and did not want to appear to be making jokes about it.  Smart move. Sometimes two things can be true simultaneously – believable and self-serving.

The PR verdict : We give them an A+  for a clever spin.

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Great site!

  2. Ha ha ha ha – are Fox are still using the term “allegations” ?!

  3. HI, Mark, great blog – congrats! However, I don’t agree that Fox deserves that high rating – why in the world do they want to make more clear, especially to those who might so far have been unaware of it, how close they are to the Murdoch empire? Even the army of those who could never sit through the Emmys now know of this lashup.


  4. I beg to disagree with Mark on this: in Europe, the NEWS corp scandal was seen as so huge that anything that company does on the PR front is now eyed with much suspicion. The Fox scheme was so obviously designed to keep News out of the news that their argument just does not hold. Even my first year communication students would have looked through that ploy. But may be there is a soft spot for the great Australian tycoon that I had not noticed before…

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