When will the Greeks develop their own propaganda plan?

greece2 When will the Greeks develop their own propaganda plan?

The PR Verdict: “D” for Greece’s political class on selling austerity.

A collective sigh of relief reverberated across financial markets this weekend, as Greece approved its latest round of austerity measures. The measures are tough and include savage cuts in wages, pensions and a radical restructuring of outdated work practices.

While financial markets gave the changes a “thumbs-up” Greeks have given them a resounding “thumbs-down”.  Protestors in the capital have been rioting, with violent clashes reported throughout the country. Greeks are enraged about the level of sacrifice required and are pointing to Germany, the IMF and banks as the chief culprits.

The PR Verdict: “D” for Greece’s political class on selling these measures. It’s time Greece’s political class activated an educative PR plan.

A national campaign is needed where mutual sacrifice and the sharing of burdens are the order of the day. Start by enlisting the support of Greek intellectuals, celebrities and thought leaders to explain and personally describe, the sacrifices they are making for the greater good. For some pointers why not look at previous national propaganda programs that demanded sacrifices of their citizenry? History tells us it has been done before.

How would you convince the Greek population that sacrifice is for the long-term good?  Leave a comment and share your idea.

TIME’s PR Pitch for Person of the Year

timepersonoftheyear TIMEs PR Pitch for Person of the YearGiven the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Russian electoral and European austerity protests, TIME’s decision to award “The Protestor” as its Person of the Year Award is perfect timing.

What gave TIME’s announcement extra resonance was context.  In the last twenty years, TIME claimed in its PR blitz, mass protest had given way to individual on-line activism.  Large-scale effective street protests had become a “global oxymoron”. That all changed this year, went the PR pitch, when the “protester once again became a maker of history.”

While some may dispute the analysis, TIME’s context helped sell the story globally.

The PR Verdict:  “A Plus” for TIME Magazine. Not only for its choice but its packaging.

A challenge in selling any story is to place it in a context that goes beyond the event itself.  TIME positioned the return of the protestor in an historical context and moved the discussion beyond the now predictable conversation about the power of online networks to mobilize. Unifying seemingly unrelated protests under a contextual umbrella made sure this story got maximum air time. And by aligning itself with “history”, TIME  emphasized its status as the magazine of record.

To see the Editor of TIME talk about the award click here.