What is Sex Like with Hugh Hefner?

 What is Sex Like with Hugh Hefner?

The PR Verdict: "D" for the future, former, future-again Mrs. Hefner.

If only we could take back what was said in haste.  That must be what former Playboy Bunny Crystal Harris is wishing.  Twelve months after the 26-year-old ditched her fiancé, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner 86 , the pair have confirmed that their engagement is back on.  Crystal is wondering why the media isn’t taking the happy news too seriously.

The lack of media excitement may have something to do with their previously “amicable breakup” before their big wedding last year.  Engaged in December 2010 after two years together, Hef and Harris were ready to tie the knot at the Playboy Mansion in June 2011.  Five days before the wedding, the relationship deteriorated into an unseemly spat.

When the breakup went public (via Twitter, of course), Harris hit the airwaves and didn’t hold back.  She gave her reasons on nationally syndicated radio shows:  Sex with Hefner  apparently  lasted “like, two seconds.”  In case that wasn’t clear enough, she added, “Then I was just over it…I just like, walked away.  I’m not turned on by Hef–sorry.”

The PR Verdict : “D” for Crystal and her desire for the media to take her engagement seriously.  Next time, let your fiancé’s publicist do the talking.

PR Takeaway:  Whatever is true at the moment may not be true later on–or, if it is, maybe it’s better left unsaid.  Avoid being held hostage to fortune.  Claiming Hefner was a dud in bed while Tweeting that the separation was amicable was always going to strain credulity.  The archive is stronger than the Tweet.  Next time,  pretend the split is amicable, and let the PR team do its job.  And there probably will be a next time, because as we know, Hef and Harris have a funny way of changing their minds.

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