Same Old Snoop Dogg Song and Dance

Snoppdogg 150x150 Same Old Snoop Dogg Song and DanceSnoop Dogg, the infamous hip hop singer, has been rehabilitated and now re-launched with a new name, new film, and new album. It’s a full agenda; the “Snoop Dogg” name has been discarded. His new one? Snoop Lion. The spiritually re-birthed Snoop Lion is no longer “singing about smoking weed and killing people.”  Instead, his new message is about smoking weed and then “smoking some more.”

Snoop Lion, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, is a 41-year-old rapper who was acquitted, along with his bodyguard, of the murder of a gang member. He is now launching a new album called Reincarnated, as well as a feature length documentary with the same name. The central theme? His love of weed, the power of weed, and the history of weed.

His re-launch seems puzzlingly similar to his previous persona, which centered around weed. Not known for puritan living, he tells GQ that he would like to spread the word about his favorite pastime. “It’s actually grown from the ground straight to you, so its like eating a vegetable,” he explains. Snoop Lion then takes the interviewer to his favorite physician, Dr. Dina, who provides “medicinal weed” in a place where a “baby faced blonde” employee named Rachel does a handstand. Is this really a reincarnation?

THE PR VERDICT: “D” (PR Problematic) for Snoop Lion, né Dogg. His metamorphosis into Snoop Lion needs a more radical script.

THE PR TAKEAWAY: A different script for a different image.  Snoop Dog was the shorthand for all things “weed related,” says the singer, claiming, “I partake in all things Snoop Dogg” (ie, weed). His re-launch is meant to be coincide with his spiritual reincarnation, as explained in the album and the film documentary. But his GQ interview only reinforces everything we previously knew. From a PR point of view, and without anything new to say, this was a 360 degree reincarnation. Reinvention, or reincarnation, is ineffective if the allegedly new person just keeps saying the same old thing. From Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion and back to Dogg again…

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How Can Monica Get Past The Little Blue Dress?

monicalewinsky How Can Monica Get Past The Little Blue Dress?

The PR Verdict: "C" for Monica and her PR reinvention so far.

Monica Lewinsky’s reputation seems to have been frozen in time.  Caught in a sensational political triangle 14 years ago, she still retains the ability to polarize.

PBS’s forthcoming four-hour documentary on the Clinton Presidency is airing this week and according to reviews it focuses minimally on the substantive issues of Clinton’s administration.  Instead of financial deregulation, brewing Islamic fundamentalism and failed health care reform, on centre stage sits Monica and the little blue dress.

Over the years, Hilary Clinton has transformed her reputation as the vilified First Lady into an exemplary Secretary of State. Husband Bill has morphed into the elder statesman. But Monica remains trapped by her PR image as the voluptuous intern who led a President astray.

The PR Verdict: “C” for Monica and her failed reinvention so far. The PBS documentary opens up ample PR opportunities for an image rehabilitation that has her being far more than her current handbag line and NYC partying.

Monica Lewinsky in her previous interviews has complained the past is always following her.  Follow-up from the documentary might be her best chance to make the break. Cultivate a new look and turn a new page. Next, form alliances with well-known and influential female editors who will convey gravitas by association and be eager to show off the new you. Palling around with Tina Brown and Arianna Huffington might be a good place to start.

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