Have you slept with JFK? Mimi Alford and “Once Upon a Secret”

mimialford3 Have you slept with JFK? Mimi Alford and Once Upon a Secret

The PR Verdict: "A" for Grandma Mimi

Hands up if you HAVEN”T slept with JFK?

Membership of the small club of amours who JFK turned down, seems to have dwindled even further, given the recent revelations of former intern Mimi Alford. Mimi, now a 69-year-old grandmother, has written a tell-all book called Once Upon a Secret, currently blitzing the morning chat shows.

Mimi’s revelations concerning her 18-month affair make racy reading.  While she concedes that it was not a romantic affair, JFK did teach her a thing or two.  Readers will be pleased to know he was generous in encouraging her to share her recently acquired skills with top aides who needed occasional relaxation.  She helpfully adds JFK had a playful side, playing with rubber ducks in his bathtub.

The PR Verdict: “A” for Grandma Mimi. Considering that almost everyone seems to have slept with JFK, Mimi has done an excellent job generating news buzz, despite an overwhelming sense of déjà-vu for the rest of us.

Despite the absence of a stained blue dress, Mimi has captured the airwaves. “When you keep a secret, and when you keep silent about something, you do it because you think it’s keeping you safe, but in fact, it’s deadly,” she said in one of her many interviews.   With alchemy, Mimi has transformed her affair from decades ago into gold. Clearly some secrets are more profitable than others.

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