What is Sex Like with Hugh Hefner?

 What is Sex Like with Hugh Hefner?

The PR Verdict: "D" for the future, former, future-again Mrs. Hefner.

If only we could take back what was said in haste.  That must be what former Playboy Bunny Crystal Harris is wishing.  Twelve months after the 26-year-old ditched her fiancé, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner 86 , the pair have confirmed that their engagement is back on.  Crystal is wondering why the media isn’t taking the happy news too seriously.

The lack of media excitement may have something to do with their previously “amicable breakup” before their big wedding last year.  Engaged in December 2010 after two years together, Hef and Harris were ready to tie the knot at the Playboy Mansion in June 2011.  Five days before the wedding, the relationship deteriorated into an unseemly spat.

When the breakup went public (via Twitter, of course), Harris hit the airwaves and didn’t hold back.  She gave her reasons on nationally syndicated radio shows:  Sex with Hefner  apparently  lasted “like, two seconds.”  In case that wasn’t clear enough, she added, “Then I was just over it…I just like, walked away.  I’m not turned on by Hef–sorry.”

The PR Verdict : “D” for Crystal and her desire for the media to take her engagement seriously.  Next time, let your fiancé’s publicist do the talking.

PR Takeaway:  Whatever is true at the moment may not be true later on–or, if it is, maybe it’s better left unsaid.  Avoid being held hostage to fortune.  Claiming Hefner was a dud in bed while Tweeting that the separation was amicable was always going to strain credulity.  The archive is stronger than the Tweet.  Next time,  pretend the split is amicable, and let the PR team do its job.  And there probably will be a next time, because as we know, Hef and Harris have a funny way of changing their minds.

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Is Tom Cruise Really That Dull?

tom cruise Is Tom Cruise Really That Dull?

The PR Verdict: “A” for Cruise and his PR strategy.

Is Tom Cruise as achingly dull as his recent profile in Playboy would seem unintentionally to suggest? In honor of his fiftieth birthday and to publicise his new movie Rock of Ages, he has given an interview the length of War and Peace to the once racy, but now vaguely suburban magazine.  His interview is almost as tough to get through as the Russian novel.

For an actor who has had his share of PR blunders it is little wonder he became media shy.  Whether it was bouncing around on Oprah’s couch talking about Katie Holmes, criticizing Brooke Shields about post natal depression or waxing lyrical about Scientology , his star fell and his box office allure faded.  Suddenly America’s leading man was polarizing instead of interesting.

Playboy’s recent interview should help remedy that.  Cruise talks about his love of Katie, his children and his strong work ethic.  Yes, he considers himself blessed and fortunate and no, he doesn’t read negative press about himself.  As it happens, he  hasn’t had plastic surgery and his secret to keeping in shape is eating right and exercising.  Cruise has made the PR transition from Hollywood loon to male soccer mom. And done it in Playboy!

The PR Verdict: “A”  for Tom Cruise and his PR Strategy.  An astonishingly dull interview that has got his PR profile back on track.

PR Takeaway:  Being boring has its rewards.  The most interesting insight Cruise offers in the article is that he realised his own PR missteps cost him plenty.  He took a PR break, stayed out of the press and what has now followed is an interview that gives him the space to sound reassuring and not the slightest bit controversial or interesting.  While sensible for the box office and his PR machine, we did prefer him jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofa.  Much more amusing.

What’s your PR Verdict?

In Case You Didn’t Know Meghan McCain Is “Strictly Dickly”

meghanmccain2 In Case You Didnt Know Meghan McCain Is Strictly Dickly

The PR Verdict: “D” for Meghan and her PR positioning.

Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain, has given a puzzling but compelling interview to Playboy.  Unloved by right and left wing commentators, she is facing an uphill battle to be taken seriously.  One conservative blogger describes her as “a self-indulgent set of mega-breasts (that) doesn’t belong anywhere near a TV studio commenting on anything.”  Missing the point Meghan replies, “Every guy I’ve ever dated and every boyfriend I’ve ever had—nobody ever complained about my body.”

The interview continues downhill.  Describing herself as “seriously interested” in politics, (“My mom was pregnant with me at the 1984 Republican convention”), Meghan says she is not interested in the sniping and unkindness of political life.  Reassuring Playboy readers that she loves politics and is not bisexual, she comments “I’m strictly dickly.  I can’t help it.  I love sex and I love men.”

 The PR Verdict: “D” for Meghan and her PR positioning.  Is Playboy the best venue to launch a pundit’s career? Was this the wisest content? Who is doing Meghan’s PR?

Asked why so many politicians get caught up in sex scandals Meghan observes “repression breeds obsession. Politicians have to be goody-goodies…the more you deny your sexual side, the more it builds up and comes out in inappropriate ways.”  Odd words from the daughter of an ex Presidential candidate.  A change of strategy might be what is needed.  This was a great interview to secure a slot on late night Chelsea Lately but not Meet The Press.  Strictly dickly Meghan might want to begin charting a different course.

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What’s your PR Verdict on Meghan’s interview?

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