It’s Official – Cockroaches More Popular Than Congress

 Its Official   Cockroaches More Popular Than Congress

The PR Verdict: “D” (PR Problematic) for the 112th US Congress.

Not just cockroaches, but head lice – and not just pesky insects, either. The 112th United States Congress is lower on the American popularity ladder than traffic jams, Donald Trump, Ghengis Khan, used-car salesmen, and – perhaps most damning of all – Brussels sprouts.

That sounds like a great joke (“What’s more popular than Congress?” “Root canals!”), but in fact, even root canals were preferable to the current Congressional staff of the US government, according to a Public Policy Poll of 830 Americans. In the non-partisan poll, Congress received a mere 9 percent favorability rating. The only things it beat out in terms of dislike were telemarketers, ebola, gonorrhea, bullies, meth labs, and Lindsay Lohan.

Why should Congress care what 830 Americans think? Well, these were only the 830 Americans actually asked; the numbers statistically represent a far greater percentage of people who dislike what’s happening, or not happening, with the fiscal cliff, gun control or the lack thereof, and other pressing matters. Members of Congress, elected by the public may want to take note.

THE PR VERDICT: “D” (PR Problematic) for the 112th US Congress. Cockroaches everywhere are celebrating their boost up the ladder of the loathed.

THE PR TAKEAWAY: A fall from grace is faster than the climb back up. So far, members of Congress have had more PR success in complaining  bitterly about the other side than making lasting progress. Solutions are now preferable. This fall from the grace needs a remedial bi-partisan effort. A landmark agreement on one of the pressing issues facing the nation is what will rescue this reputation. Until then the slide is set to continue.