Did Warren Buffett Have To Say Anything?

warren buffett2 300x203 Did Warren Buffett Have To Say Anything?

The PR Verdict: “A” for Buffett's consistently smart PR.

So, Warren Buffett has stage one prostate cancer.  The famous investor isn’t worried and nor are his doctors.  Investors are sanguine and the media says unanimously it isn’t life threatening.  In a statement issued by his firm Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett, Chairman and CEO, said the news “is not remotely life-threatening or even debilitating in any meaningful way…I feel great.”

What then were the obligations to disclose the news?  Particularly given Buffett is already 81 years old.   Might it have been easier to sit tight and not mention it?

Buffett’s genial PR profile has long been associated with transparency.  He routinely tells investors when he gets things wrong and has often been his own harshest critic.  Making the announcement makes no difference to the day-to-day running of the firm.  But it does put him firmly in control of his own PR and keeps his reputation consistent with his public persona.  Smart move.

The PR Verdict: “A” for Warren Buffett’s consistently smart PR.  By making the announcement himself he was always in control of the message.

PR Takeaway:  Always better to make the announcement yourself than have someone else make it a scoop, and do it for you.  Buffett was in tight control of the agenda and was presumably pointing journalists to medics who were giving informed and on-message analysis of his prognosis.  With talk of who will be Buffett’s successor still ongoing, this could have been a gateway into a far more destabilizing media controversy for Berkshire.  No wonder he chose to go public.

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Is Hillary Having An Unofficial PR Makeover?

Hilaryclinton Is Hillary Having An Unofficial PR Makeover?

The PR Verdict: "B" for Hillary Clinton and her ongoing unofficial PR makeover.

What is going on with Hillary Clinton? Are we seeing a PR campaign by stealth? Over the last month Madam Secretary seems to have been working on, what can only be described,  as an unofficial PR makeover.  Something’s afoot.

It all started with the photo of Hillary Clinton texting while aboard a C-17 military plane.  It went viral and comics in cyber space had fun creating harmless spoof texts about to whom and what she was texting.  Was it Beyonce?  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?  Or Condi Rice? Then much to everyone’s surprise, Hillary started tweeting directly, followed up by an invitation to the creators of the spoof texts to meet with her at the State Department.  Cameras ready?   Hillary now on Twitter and Tumblr!

Next stop: An unofficial photo from Cartagena, Colombia, while there for the Latin America Summit.  Photos of good ol’Hillary  dancing with her office gal pals for a colleague’s birthday after hours.  It made all the papers and she was having fun.  Nice one!  And while we are there,  it temporarily pushed the scandal of secret service officers and prostitutes in hotel rooms, off the front page. Yay!

The PR Verdict: “B” for Hillary Clinton and her ongoing unofficial PR makeover.  From the Cruella de Vil of foreign policy to fun Ol’Hillary.  It’s amazing what a tweet and photo can do,  particularly for the female vote in an election year.

PR Takeaway:  A PR image can only exist in one dimension for so long.  Hillary is tough and clever -we all know that.  But this gets old fast.  Something was needed to change the pace.  Her recent forays into social media have moved the dial on her popularity and likeability.  Hillary has another side.  See?  Who knew?  Is all of this really just a coincidence?

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What’s your PR Verdict on Hillary’s ongoing PR makeover?

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