Justin Bieber and Dinner with Mommie

justin bieber 02 300x207 Justin Bieber and Dinner with Mommie

The PR Verdict: “F” for Justin Bieber.

Does anyone, apart from pubescent teenage girls, find Justin Bieber even vaguely interesting?  Not really, might be the inevitable response.  While the 18-year-old singer continues to enjoy extraordinary popularity in his target demographic, his PR minders have obviously been wondering if they should explore further afield.  Cue an interview in the latest edition of GQ Magazine.

On paper the interview made complete sense.  How can we make Justin seem more interesting to another demographic? Why not young(ish), fashion conscious men who might want to hear more about him?  “How about a sit down interview with GQ?” must have been the excitement at the morning meeting.  Let’s see what we can arrange!

Bieber did the interview.  Nice enough. But the bad news is that it did nothing more than reinforce his image as a young kid, taken by surprise by his own success.  GQ describes him as ‘ a very small human being’ who resembles the Star Wars super hero Luke Skywalker,   “if he had his own perfume line”.  The interview was finally completed, after having been rearranged multiple times to squeeze in dinner with his mommie.

The PR Verdict:  “F” for a failed strategy.  It will take more than an interview with GQ to make him into the bad boy of music.  And next time don’t mention dinner with mommie.

PR TAKEAWAY:  Give a journalist something new to write about, otherwise the default content will be what has been written already.   This was an interview searching for a subject matter.  Bieber (all of 18) was unable to identify a cause, issue or romantic interest that would takes his profile to the Mickey Rourke or Sean Penn level.  GQ concluded the interview by opining that for Bieber “manhood can wait”.   Sadly , this interview was at best five years too early.

To read the interview click here.

What’s Real About The Real DKNY PR GIRL?

Donna Karan PR girl Aliza L Whats Real About The Real DKNY PR GIRL?

The PR Verdict: A begrudging "A" for DKNY PR GIRL

Aliza Licht has the lofty title of Senior Vice President for Global Communications at Donna Karan International.  In addition to her intergalactic title she is also pied piper to a legion of devoted Twitter fans numbering 380,000. Up until recently her Twitter nom de plume was DKNY PR GIRL.

Aliza Licht recently outed herself to the NYTimes which obliged with a gushing profile about the fashion PR who, by any yardstick, has mastered social media.  In the interview she offers surprising insights including, “The friends you make on Twitter are real relationships”.  Examples of DKNY PR GIRL advice were also given. “Attention to details is everything. The wrong colored binder clip can destroy your presentation.”

Aliza/ DKNY PR Girl also produced a short promotional video giving an insiders’ view on her fabulous life.  As an example of PR and marketing strategies it is hard to beat.  Content wise, it is another issue.

The PR Verdict:  A begrudging  “A” to DKNY PR GIRL.   While the content of the tweets and videos seems aimed exclusively at teenage girls who can argue with 380,000 followers?

From a PR point of view the problem the with the video is that it seemingly reduces the DK business to a little operation on seventh avenue run by a skeleton staff. Despite her lofty title, Aliza is seen doing everything, from answering phones, walking around with a clipboard and moving tiny labels around a seating plan.  From the Global Head of Communications there is no mention of a team or infrastructure much less any mention of DK herself.  In the future, give the intern a chance at stardom in the next video and reserve the Global Head for more serious management responsibilities.

To read the NYTimes article click here. To see the video click here