Photos Well Worth a Thousand Words

This week, as we prepare to break for the holidays, we ‘re taking a look at the PR moments that made a difference in 2012. The power of one strong picture is underestimated in the PR world; sometimes one visual is all that’s needed to convey a message. If a picture can say a thousand words, a photo can also shape a thousand words.

Here are three photos that proved the point.

Chrischristie obamajpg 150x150 Photos Well Worth a Thousand WordsBoth President Barack Obama and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey have their stalwart fans and detractors. But this photo, taken immediately following Hurricane Sandy, helped change the conversation about the need for bipartisanship. The American electorate paused; maybe respectful discussion and co-operation is possible after all? There were lessons in this photo for both parties, and its importance resurfaces as the fiscal cliff deadline approaches.



katieholeselle 150x150 Photos Well Worth a Thousand WordsNo slinking around in the shadows for Katie Holmes as she announced her divorce from Tom Cruise. Gracing the cover of Elle Magazine while simultaneously announcing her divorce from Tom Cruise, this cover girl made it clear it she was not the victim in the divorce. Clever strategy, or a happy coincidence? In the end, it doesn’t matter. The tone was set: Holmes one point, Cruise none.




QueenOO71 150x136 Photos Well Worth a Thousand WordsHard to believe, but only a decade ago the Queen was having her own PR Problems. Out of touch, cold, frosty, and humorless were the persistent complaints. How things have changed! Jumping out of helicopter with James Bond served her well during the opening ceremony of the Olympics. The stunt caught the headlines; some even asked, Was it really her? In the end, not only did royal PR benefit but the helicopter shot also served as a welcome distraction to a puzzling and eccentric Opening Olympic Ceremony that had many scratching their heads.




What Did Donatella Say At The Oxford Union?

donatella What Did Donatella Say At The Oxford Union?

The PR Verdict: “A” for Donatella.

How do you make someone into an icon? How about asking Donatella Versace?  Despite her sometimes derisory press she seems to know a thing or two about PR and out-lasting most.  The 57-year-old designer and sister of deceased designer Gianni, addressed 330 students at Oxford University this week.  Billed as a ‘conversation’ about style, she was joined by acting chum Rupert Everett and others at the Oxford Union.

Addressing the students, she referred to her old Alma mater the University of Florence  and her surprise at now, many years later, speaking at Oxford University.  “My class mates from back then would be very amused to see me at Oxford today.  And I’m sure there will be others who will be astonished to find me addressing the Union.  But maybe I can surprise a few people?”

Turning up at the Union with her characteristic ice blond hair, copper tan and bumble bee lips, she was dressed in a black, leather studded dress, giving the crowd what they came to see.  She didn’t disappoint.  Mentioning that she would like to dress the Queen one day (in black) she unintentionally highlighted the irony that both women share more than they realize.  Neither of their public personas have changed in twenty years.

The PR Verdict: “A” for Donatella.  She knows how not  to disappoint.  Consistency is what creates a brand and a following.

PR Takeaway: Consistency means you don’t surprise and disappoint your followers.  Donatella’s branding and PR is so successful because it so rarely surprises.  Saying little of any substance but giving the public what it wants is the reason she continues to be invited and feted.   Pass the spray tan.

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