Will Tony Robbins’ Feet Be Held to the Fire?

firewalk 150x150 Will Tony Robbins Feet Be Held to the Fire?

The PR Verdict: “C” (Distinctly OK) for Tony Robbins.

These are embarrassing times for one of America’s most loved personal development gurus. Attendees at a recent seminar hosted by the self-actualized Tony Robbins not only found themselves in the headlines but cooling their feet in ice water as well. The reason? A fire-walking episode that failed to go to plan.

Late last week, over 20 attendees at a recent Tony Robbins personal development seminar suffered burns while walking across hot coals. The famous fire walk is part of Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within” seminar, aimed at helping participants understand that they can overcome personal challenges. Participants are encouraged to tackle their fears, feet first.

“I just heard these screams of agony,” one witness relayed to the media, presumably to the horror of the Robbins’ PR machine. While many left the seminar feeling elated and transformed, others weren’t so lucky and left with second-and third-degree burns, caused by coals heated up to a cozy 2,000 degrees. As for Robbins himself, he has been nowhere in the subsequent media coverage. Where is our guru, and will his feet be held to the fire?

The PR Verdict: “C” (Distinctly OK) for Anthony Robbins and his handling of a personal transformation exercise that went wrong. Next time, how about more leadership from one of America’s leading gurus?

The PR Takeaway: Unleash the Power Within and say SOMETHING. Tony Robbins has been noticeably absent from media coverage concerning this mishap. His organization, Robbins Research International, issued a bland CYA statement saying, “We have been safely providing this experience for more than three decades, and always under the supervision of medical personnel … ” Perhaps, but  wasn’t this the time for one of America’s leading advocates of personal responsibility to explain–personally–what happened? A company statement is fine, but his name, after all, is on the billboard. Might we suggest a refresher fire walk to reaffirm his commitment to personal responsibility and accountability?

Should Tony Robbins have personally addressed this PR mishap, or should he continue to lay low? Give us your PR Verdict!

How Do You Get To Be President And Be Yourself?

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins1 300x300 How Do You Get To Be President And Be Yourself?

The PR Verdict: “C” for disappointingly average advice.

Tony Robbins, America’s most impressive self help guru told CNN yesterday that Mitt Romney needs to be more himself and stop worrying what other people think.  According to Robbins, Romney is a passionate person whose authenticity and energy is not shining through. Be more real!  Less robotic!  Show you don’t give a damn!

PR and presentation advice of this type is now very much in vogue.  While hard to disagree with on a personal level it is however of little practical help when seeking high office.

Being yourself is sometimes less important than the right environment.  The venue/crowd where the candidate feels most comfortable is the key to unlocking authenticity.  Seek out those occasions and the rest will follow.

The PR Verdict: “C” for disappointingly average advice from the country’s leading self help guru.  Sensible advice to be elected to the Student Council but running for high office requires more planning and strategy.

Sarah Palin came alive when talking to convention centres packed with her tea party constituency.  Hilary Clinton is most energized when talking at international forums.  What is Romney’s favorite venue? Romney’s minders would be better advised to identify forums in which he demonstrates qualities that appeal most to the electorate.  And what are those qualities?  What qualites does he want to be known for?   Just “being yourself”  is rarely enough and an insufficient  strategy when running for high office.  Just ask Sarah Palin.

To see Tony Robbins giving advice click here.

What is your verdict on Tony Robbin’s PR advice?

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