Thailand: the Army and the Power of PR

wanchana sawasdee Thailand: the Army and the Power of PR The Thai capital, Bangkok, continues to battle  serious flood damage and help for local civilians is coming from the Thai army. Often regarded with suspicion due to past political interventions, the Army has seized the floods as a unique PR makeover opportunity.

With the key message that the army’s role is to “help the people of Thailand”, it is using PR techniques that apply to any product launch.

Practical assistance given by thousands of soldiers is enhanced by slick TV advertisements showing how the army is helping.  A Facebook page with over 17,000 followers generates feel good stories and a soldier with a ‘telegenic’ face has been appointed as a key spokesperson.(above)

Long after the floods have subsided this is a PR case study worth following.

The PR Verdict:“B” for the Thai army. This has obvious complications but is a fascinating exercise.

The line between “doing good” and doing what is “expected” is a tough one.  But humanising a painful situation with examples that demonstrate real impact will always work in your favour.  Whatever the merits there must be a lesson in this for security forces everywhere.

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