Katie Holmes’s Stealth Divorce Bombshell

 Katie Holmess Stealth Divorce Bombshell

The PR Verdict: “A” (Gold Star!) for Katie Holmes and her stealth divorce bomb.

TomKat–Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes–are now officially over. Just like that. The surprising announcement that Holmes had started divorce proceedings seemed to catch her actor husband Cruise off guard. The filing was made on Thursday afternoon; the media went crazy on Friday. What happens now?

Speculation has already begun as to the cause of the marriage breakdown. Whispers of Holmes’s resistance to Cruise’s Scientology pals abound, as does the sneaking suspicion that the marriage was, from the start, a five-year contractual understanding. Other media speculate that Cruise’s alleged ambiguous sexuality is the genesis of the crisis, with one New York tabloid sarcastically commenting, “Holmes will keep the house while Cruise keeps the closet.”

Was the split expected? The gossip magazines had not speculated about Cruise’s third marriage in any meaningful way (despite ongoing low-level chatter). Cruise showed up alone at the recent premieres of his latest film Rock of Ages with no significant adverse comment. With the media off guard, the time for Holmes to file was now. At least on the PR front, this was minimally damaging, given the couple’s notoriety.

The PR Verdict: “A” (Gold Star!) for  Katie Holmes, whose divorce strategy is like a precision bomb. Taking the media by surprise means that phase one of the divorce agenda is owned by Homes, hands down.

The PR Takeaway:  Quick precision bombing has its advantages. Making a sudden filing before the weekend, while not making substantive comments keeps the scandal level relatively low. Holmes followed the template of her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s own divorce from second wife Nicole Kidman: no comment, no explanation–the PR exercise equivalent to ripping the band aid off quickly. No one ever really got to the bottom of the Kidman/Cruise divorce in part because it seemed so unexpected. The explanations this time around might be just as elusive.

Will Katie Holmes’s sudden, stealth divorce bomb shatter the media’s speculative attack? Give us your PR Verdict, below.

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Paul Marrone says:

    For the “TMZ Heads” of this world, it seems the analysis and discussion would have exploded regardless of her timing. It already has dominated entertainment news conversation. The only aspect that bears some reflection is the supposed “surprise” of Mr. Cruise – true/false/who cares?

    Unrelated but further to last weeks PRV story on Barclays: Good to see that bank took action but Chairman’s resignation today seems a way to deflect responsibility and departure (for now) of Robert Diamond. He will have the heat turned up this week as UK authorities bring him for testimony. Two heads should roll! This is a story with legs that cannot be stuffed.

    • and yes agree on all counts……although what is striking about Tom/Kat is that the market wasn’t softened in advance with unnamed sources and friends saying the marriage is in trouble… this was a blindside and so far she has the upper hand,,,, we will wait to see…

      and yes re Barclays…..tomorrow’s PRV!
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  1. BizSugar.com says:

    Katie Holmes’s Stealth Divorce Bombshell…

    The PR Verdict: “A” (Gold Star!) for Katie Holmes, whose divorce strategy is like a precision bomb. Taking the media by surprise means that phase one of the divorce agenda is owned by Homes, hands down….

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