Too Cool for Carla

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, has vowed not to release photos of her baby after the birth claiming “it’s great news for me” but “uninteresting” for others. How this strategy works for a 43 year-old former super model and Presidential wife remains to be seen. What’s worth noting is how different it is from the standard PR template, which would ‘manage’ the story with a set of photos, approved quotes and a timed release to sympathetic media. By describing the news of her pregnancy as ‘banal’, as she did over the weekend, her PR strategy is clearly to play it super cool.

The PR Verdict: A Plus – Banal?…. that is not a word we would have thought of ….

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Perhaps banal is not a word you or I might use to describe a birth, but it seems she sees it that way. I wouldn’t want to think what that might mean when that child learns of this …

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