What Does Christie Brinkley Recommend For Extreme Narcissists?

christiebrinkley What Does Christie Brinkley Recommend For Extreme Narcissists?

The PR Verdict: “F” for Christie and an interview that went horribly wrong.

Christie Brinkley, ageless super model and former wife of Billy Joel, declared on the TODAY program that all she wants is peace.  In the middle of a divorce from business man Peter Cook, Brinkley took the morning interview way off course and spoke for eight captivating minutes about marital discord and her ex husband’s allleged strategy of sapping joy from her life.  It was a PR nightmare but absorbing television.

Scheduled to talk of her upcoming role in the Broadway musical Chicago, she sidetracked herself into discussing her divorce from a “malignant narcissist” and its emotional toll.  She nearly broke down in tears and called for government legislation to intervene in divorce cases of “extreme narcissists.”

This was a spectacular interview.  Rarely has anyone been off message so brilliantly and so thoroughly.

The PR Verdict: “F” for Christie and an interview that went horribly wrong.  Even the host, Matt Lauer,  had the grace to apologize for not talking about her Broadway debut.

This was a perfectly structured interview but way off subject.  It had an emotional call-to-action for the viewer (just google divorcing a narcissist!) and a broader demand (legislation to protect against malignant narcissists!).  The tearful crescendo at the end and the plaintive cry of  “all I want is peace” could not have been scripted better.   What her Broadway backers and costars think however is a different matter.

To read more and see the interview click here.

Whats your PR Verdict on this interview?

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Does the PR Verdict think that Christie has been more strategic than she appears and contrived the interview in order to get at Billy?

    • unlikely – that would be a high risk strategy.. as it is she has now made things difficult with her divorce and the courts, not to mention the mess with the backers of Chicago,,,, she needed to talk to a friend not Matt Lauer…

    • No way. I wouldn’t want a parnter with kids in the first place, too much baggage, but a single mother with two children from two different fathers is a form of repellent. She might be a very nice woman, and exceptions to the rule and all that, but it’s very likely she has issues and it appear she lives her life in a very irresponsible and destructive manner. Not for me, thanks.

      • Hilarious and beautiful. To be tohught fascinating by someone you find fascinating does make you drunk. I would have tohught it would have to be a two-way street, but maybe models are so used to being found fascinating that they don’t care? Or maybe he let her rub Al Roker’s tummy. One quibble: I am not without my Billy Joel moments but his secret is that HE IS RICH.

  2. leslie lacoursiere says:

    Divorcing a narcissist is a living nightmare. Christie needs to realize he is never going to change, and she needs to get help and regain her strength through therapy, a good support system, and the grace of God. She may be traumatized, as I am in treatment for complex trauma/ptsd for unrelenting emotional and psychological abuse and heinous dishonesty. It could be worse, as I can attest to, as they are ruthless and have no sense of humanity or civility and are intent on destroying you. Any type of engagement is rewarding to them, so forget about money, child support, debt, anything……let this all go or battle will never end, they will make stuff up to keep conflict going. Get a good lawyer, have all communication be minimal and only related to the kids……nothing else or you will have an irrational, unreasonable and neverending situation. As for your career with having to coordinate with him for travel, etc……..he will make anything a battle, and that is not worth it…..what it does to you. You need to shut the door and move on, making any sacrifice necessary to minimize contact. The government cannot help you, my family court judge believed every single lie he told about me, and even went so far as to fabricate evidence against me on multiple occassions to justify his heinous behavior. Get strong, learn about abuse, and do not engage.

  3. I can’t really anewsr your question but you are not alone, most of the western world is the same, you lose the house, lose the kids, lose over half of your future income etc etc Equal rights seem to be set by academics and are at there discretion . Even basic equal rights do not exist in most of the world, but you never hear them crying out about that. The worst thing you can be in the world today is a western male .

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