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Stellar website, stellar author!

Edward Robinson

Thank you very much! I enjoy it! I like the issues, the subjects covered, the graphics, the colors and the format. And don't forget about the idea, which is great.

George Badina

I signed up for PR Verdict to go to my work email account. I really enjoy reading it -- very insightful and I love that everything on there is so relevant and top-of-mind. When my clients are focused on derivatives, 401Ks and asset management, it's nice to see what "the rest of the world" is following! Thank you for providing this service!


I follow the prverdict - somewhat - religiously, and find so many of the topics and the responses / comments just fascinating.


The PR Verdict is superb. I am hooked.

Craig Smith

I love the website Mark, i'll be an avid reader moving forward.

Dan Mahoney

I encourage everyone to check out The PR Verdict! theprverdict.com -great content about current PR media spin! Good read!

Todd Stone
Palm Beach 411

Great stuff...enjoying the verdict!

Helen Dunne

My current fave #PR Web site: prverdict.com. @ThePRVerdict grades how well publicity problems are handled. I got a B.

Jim Petter

*love* your blog. Added it to my reader. Unique & very compelling focus! And agree w/ you on Katie H's savvy PR plays.

Sara Skerik
PR Newswire


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