What was wrong with Ginger White’s interview?

gingerwhite What was wrong with Ginger Whites interview? The improbably named Ginger White, friend of Republican frontrunner Herman Cain, hit the headlines Wednesday with an interview on Good Morning America. While she claims an on/off relationship with Herman for the last 13 years, he responded by calling her a “troubled Atlanta businesswoman.”

Ginger gave a sloppy and confused interview. In the name of telling the “truth” she describes a “very casual affair” that spanned over a decade.

Referring to her former friend as Mr. Cain, Herman Cain or simply Herman, she concedes that she “consistently” accepted gifts and money from him over the last two years.  She reassures in later interviews that she feels badly for Mrs. Cain and is truly sorry for the hurt she has caused, but adds Herman is not fit to be President.

The PR Verdict: “F” for Ginger and her hopeless interview. Herman looks bad but Ginger looks worse.

Ginger broke the first rule of message management. State clearly what you are saying and why now. Claiming the motivation is to speak the truth is not sufficient. Unclear on her message, as the heat rose Ginger retreated into seeking sympathy. Her messaging was weak and her word choice even worse.  When a 13-year relationship is described as  “very casual” it’s hard to know why she is speaking at all.  Gloria Allred where are you?

To see the full interview on Good Morning America click here.

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. Peter Emmerich says:

    Interesting… I did not see the “Good Morning” interview, but I saw the “Last Word” interview on MSNBC last night and have a different impression. I thought Ginger White came across as the “simple” woman that she says she is and who was pressured by her environment (those who knew) to talk about a secret relationship (of whatever kind) that should not have been. I was delighted that for once on American TV there were no (fake) tears and they let her talk without putting words into her mouth. I thought it was a good an “real” interview with a satisfying explanation. Possibly she became better in later interviews?

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