When will the Greeks develop their own propaganda plan?

greece2 When will the Greeks develop their own propaganda plan?

The PR Verdict: “D” for Greece’s political class on selling austerity.

A collective sigh of relief reverberated across financial markets this weekend, as Greece approved its latest round of austerity measures. The measures are tough and include savage cuts in wages, pensions and a radical restructuring of outdated work practices.

While financial markets gave the changes a “thumbs-up” Greeks have given them a resounding “thumbs-down”.  Protestors in the capital have been rioting, with violent clashes reported throughout the country. Greeks are enraged about the level of sacrifice required and are pointing to Germany, the IMF and banks as the chief culprits.

The PR Verdict: “D” for Greece’s political class on selling these measures. It’s time Greece’s political class activated an educative PR plan.

A national campaign is needed where mutual sacrifice and the sharing of burdens are the order of the day. Start by enlisting the support of Greek intellectuals, celebrities and thought leaders to explain and personally describe, the sacrifices they are making for the greater good. For some pointers why not look at previous national propaganda programs that demanded sacrifices of their citizenry? History tells us it has been done before.

How would you convince the Greek population that sacrifice is for the long-term good?  Leave a comment and share your idea.

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What is Your PR Verdict?

  1. One major difficulty is the inability of any of your recommended “leaders” to lead by example. Cheating on taxes, for example, is so widespread as to be almost untouchable. Who wants any investigation into, let alone remedial measures for, income or real estate tax evasion? Not the politicians, not the superrich and certainly not the unions, and all of the above have media interests: areas which they control, those whom they regard as their enemies. Some years ago a series of forest fires devastated park areas near Athens. In all cases arson was suspected; in all cases building permits had been refused shortly before the fires. In several cases, building permits were subsequently granted. There was no official investigation into this, and of course there were no prosecutions.

    • people are surprised that duinrg economic downturns austerity measures are counterproductive?The evil state alays runs deficits duinrg lean times, from the duality of lost revenues from unemployment and decreases in property value both shrink the taxs base then the higher demand on services from increased incarceration rates to dole payments .you start decreasing the dole, you’ll have to double the expenditures on law enforcement and prisons so lean times deficits robust times surpluses somewhere people duinrg robust times where told they didn’t have to pay for their services

  2. Not sure but I think it should involve the Battle at Thermopylae.

  3. The concept of nation-branding is alien to a lot of Europeans, and propaganda is still a dirty word, following bad experiences in WWII and during the cold-war era. I sometimes think that the best minds have by now emigrated and contribute to the good of other countries, such as the US, Australia and Germany. For those of us who have lived in Greece and like it in spite of its faults, it seems that there is a sense of hopelessness about the country now, that there seems to be no way out of the chaos, selfishness and political quagmires. I admire people like George Papandreou and Lukas Papademos, they do have other alternatives abroad but still hang in there and struggle with Greek chaos on a daily basis. May be the rest of us who care should make some suggestions as to how the Greeks can pull themselves out of the morass, and a clever strategic communication plan would be a good beginning.

  4. In addition to a PR plan for Greece, maybe what is also needed is detailed explanation of the audits undertaken that uncovered the accounting frauds in the first place so there is an understanding of how this spiraled out of control. And as importantly to point out to the Greeks and others that choices were made from the inside that contributed mightily to this mess.

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